Microvisc NaHa 1%

  • 1%  NaHa 0.85ml in a single use glass syringe. 27G cannula.
  • Sold in boxes of 5 syringes with cannulae.
  • Molecular Weight:- 5 Million Daltons
  • Viscosity:- 1 Million cPs.
  • 3 Year shelf life.
  • Storage at room temperature 2’C to 25’C.
  • High viscosity for controlled capsulorhexis and space maintenance.
  • High Pseudoplasticity for controlled injection and stable AC.
  • High cohesion for easy irrigation/aspiration.
  • High molecular weight for enhanced endothelial cell protection.





Microvisc 1.0%  0.85 ml

All round product with high molecular weight resulting in high viscosity and pseudoplasticity.

High cohesion, meaning that it creates space, stabilizes the surgical micro environment and facilitates movement of tissue.

High pseudoplasticity enables easy and controlled injection and IOL implantation. The product is removed as a single mass at the end of surgery.