Macular Buckle NPB



Custom Made Device.




Indications : •  Myopic macular retinoschisis with posterior staphyloma

• Retinal detachment associated with a myopic macular hole with posterior staphyloma

Product Description

The macular buckle is manufactured with PMMA that is coated with medical grade silicone, which increases its biocompatibility. It has an indented surface with a spherical shell at the top and an arm whose length varies depending on the axial length of the patient’s eye.

The silicone strap inserted in the arm of the implant facilitates the incorporation of a lighting probe that uses reflection for the correct positioning of the indentation in the desired location.

Total Length of the Arm: The dimensions of the implant will depend on the axial length of the patient’s eye.

Material: The Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA) coated with medical grade silicone.


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