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Inside ® CTR Models:


Inside� CTR 15 SERIES
Inside� CTR 15 SERIES


Size (Compressed):
10.0 mm 11.0 mm 12.0 mm
Size (open):
12.3 mm 13.0 mm 14.5 mm
Zonular Damage:
Up to 4 hours (120°)
2.2 mm
CLEAR PMMA (Compress Moulded)
Direction of Implantation:
RIGHT (Clockwise)
One bent eyelet, which reduces a possible puncturing (bulging) of the capsular bag when being dialled into the bag

Advantages of using Inside® CTR:

  • Expands and stabilises the capsular bag.
  • Distributes even pressure to all zonular fibres and prevents uneven pressure to single zonular fibres.
  • Ensures centration of the IOL, even with post-operative capsular bag shrinkage.
  • Reduces the risk of capsular bag or zonular damage during surgery.
  • Facilitates phacoemulsification, cortical aspiration and IOL implantation.
  • Replaces the need for a scleral IOL.
  • Simplifies potential IOL explantation.
  • Reduces the incidence of folds in the capsule
  • The Capsular Tension Rings have eyelets at both ends to facilitate insertion

Indications for using Inside® CTR:

  • Defective or partially missing zonules.
  • Potentially complicated surgical conditions.
  • IOLs luxation.
  • Zonuloysis.
  • Pseudoexfoliation.
  • Marchesani Syndrome.
  • Stabilises the capsule in cases of severe myopia.

Contraindications for using Inside® CTR:

  • Zonular damage extending more than 120° (4 hours) of the circumference.
  • Patients under the age of one year.
  • Chronic uveitis.
  • Progressive eye disease (diabetic retinopathy, uncontrolled glaucoma).
  • Preoperative complications prior to cataract surgery (vitreous body prolapse, haemorrhage).
  • Patients with perforated or damaged capsule.

Injector Packaging:

  • The Inside-CTR, is individually packed in a double blister, sealed with a Tyvek® lid, to ensure easy access and maintain perfect sterile conditions.
Inside� CTR

Handling the Inside® CTR:

  • Pull the Security Clip to draw the CTR into the injector cannula, and then remove the Security Clip.
  • Introduce the tip of the cannula into the capsular bag.
  • Implant the CTR into the capsular bag by carefully depressing the plunger.
  • Ensure that the CTR is correctly positioned and that the plunger is fully extended.
  • The CTR is then released from the injector by removing the injector hook from the CTR eyelet.
  • Finally, draw the hook back up into the injector before removing it from the capsular bag to avoid tissue damage.
Inside� CTR