Capsular Tension Ring Preloaded



These devices are designed to be inserted into the capsular bag at any time during cataract surgery, in an aim to distend the capsular bag equatorially and subsequently stabilise the capsular bag during and after the surgical procedure in patients who present with, among others:
• Primary or secondary zonular weakness
• Partial zonulolysis
• Trauma
• Pseudoexfoliation syndrome
• Risk of capsular retraction (e.g. uveitis)
Equally, the implantation of tension rings can prove beneficial in the following (non-exhaustive) list of situations:
• To promote the centring and stabilisation of intraocular lenses
• Decreased asymmetric capsular bag healing
• To prevent fibrosis and contraction of the anterior capsule
• To stabilise the capsule in cases of high myopia
• To centre capsular bags