Basis Z EDOF IOL Preloaded Hydrophobic


The Basis Z EDOF with extended depth of focus stands representative for a new generation of presbyopia-correcting optics using Wavefront Linking technology. The non-diffractive optic design aims to achieve excellent distance and intermediate visual acuity, while minimizing visual disturbances.

  1. Extended depth of focus through continuously elongated range of focus1,2
  2. Excellent distance and intermediate visual acuity, functional near visual acuity3
  3. Minimized dysphotopsias3 ​​
  4. Non-diffractive optic design using Wavefront Linking
  5. Established IOL platform in a preloaded system
  • High vision comfort for everyday activities and sports
  • Full visual acuity from a distance to the laptop without glasses. Reading glasses remain necessary in certain situations.
  • Largely visually undisturbed driving possible, even at night
  • Excellent image quality and contrast sensitivity3,4
  • High safety and efficiency in surgery

Efficient & safe –
hydrophobic, preloaded

Preloaded injector system – incision size of 2.2 mm
The integration into the proven Basis Z platform allows standardized procedures for efficient and safe implantation.


Hydrophobic material with no glistening

High Abbe number and low refractive index for an outstanding visual experience

The unique SEMTE™ material of the hydrophobic IOL contains significantly fewer microvacuoles than that observed in the Acrysof IQ IOLs.5

Less glistening contributes to fewer visual disturbances and higher visual quality.5


EDOF by Wavefront Linking technology

Wavefront Linking uses specially designed surface elements to cause continuous light energy distribution along the optical axis, resulting in higher intermediate light intensity and an elongated range of focus.


The non-diffractive optic design features a central 2 mm Wavefront Linking zone. Central refractive zones with different curvatures are linked by specially designed linking zones.

Wavefront Linking stands for intelligent optic design and extended vision performance.

High-end EDOF performance

The criteria for EDOF optics have been defined according to ANSI standard Z80.35 2018 A*.

*American National Standard Institute criteria are:

  1. Corrected distance visual acuity (CDVA) not worse than 0.1 logMAR compared to monofocal IOLs.
  2. Depth of focus at 0.2 logMAR at least 0.5 D greater than with monofocal IOLs.
  3. 50% of the eyes achieve a visual acuity of 63 % in the intermediated range (66 cm).

The Basis Z EDOF clearly excels the criteria by a significant margin, and achieves outstanding EDOF performance through Wavefront Linking.

Low light distortion index for minimized dysphotopsia

The subjective perception of light distortion is an indicator of visual quality. The lower the light distortion index (LDI), the better the visual quality is.

Basis Z EDOF has lower LDI values compared to other presbyopia-correcting IOLs on the market.6


Standard features for the highest demands

  • In terms of sphere/SEQ and cylinder the supply range exceeds what is customary on the market
  • Undisturbed quality of vision due to premiumquality hydrophilic and hydrophobic acrylics
  • Optimized contrast vision due to aspheric optic design
  • High image quality through reduced chromatic aberration
  • Extended PCO prevention due to 360° sharp edge design
  • Reliable target refraction due to optimized A-constants
  • Natural color perception and enhanced retina protection due to the “Natural Yellow” blue light filter