ARTIS PL E Hydrophobic Preloaded Monofocal IOL


Lens Type: For implantation in the capsular bag.

Optic diameter: 6.15 mm (from 0.0D to +9.5D), 6.00 mm (from +10.0D to +25.0D), 5.80 mm (from +25.5D to +35.0D)

Overall diameter: 11.00 mm (from 0.0D to +9.5D), 10.79 mm (from +10.0D to +25.0D), 10.50 mm (from +25.5D to +35.0D)

Design: One piece square edge on 360°

Optic Design: Monofocal. Aspherical with negative spherical aberration to partly correct corneal spherical aberaation.

Angulation: 5°

Dioptric powers: From 0.0D to +35.0D by 0.5D

Estimated A-Constant (SRK-T): 119.3 Ultrasound biometry: 119.7 Interference laser biometry

Suggested Anterior Chamber Depth (ACD): 5.77 mm Ultrasound biometry . 6.03 mm Interference laser biometry

Refractive index: 1.54

Sterilization: Ethylene oxide

Recommended incision size:  2.0 mm