1st Q AddOn Refractive IOL

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Single-piece hydrophilic monofocal IOL for implantation into the ciliary sulcus in addition to a primary IOL in the patient’s pseudophakic eye.

Powers: -10.0 D → +10.0 D (0.25 D steps)
Material: Copolymer of hydrophobic and hydrophilic monomers with 25% water content and UV absorber
RI: 1.46
Abbe No: 58
Optic Diameter: 6 mm
Overall Diameter:13 mm
Optic Design:Convex-concave design to avoid the development of interlenticular opacification
Haptic Design:Special 4 closed loops with 0° angulation
Shelf Life:5 years after sterilization
Recommended Injector:-10.0D → +10.0D: MEDJET MA2.2