POD F GF Hydrophobic Glistening Free IOL




FineVision is the first trifocal apodized and convoluted IOL implanted since 2010 and considered as the Gold Standard in cataract and refractive surgery.

This proven technology achieves the promise of a spectacle free life, offering continuous vision to accomplish any task at all distances.

G-free® technology: guarantee for purity and safety

What is the best solution for you and your patients ? 

Some IOLs on the market develop glistenings after implantation which can impact on the quality of vision.

The G-free® technology patented by PhysIOL is 100% glistening-free.

Double C-loop technology: optimal stability

Besides its postoperative rotational stability, the double C-loop platform offers easy maneuverability, both clockwise and counterclockwise, for accurate axis placement of the IOL.

Physiological chromatic aberration

The PhysIOL G-free® material mimics the physiological longitudinal chromatic aberration of a young phakic eye.


The WaveTech® design on the surface of the haptics reduces the risk of stickiness between the haptics and the optic.  It ensures a safe injection and reliable unfolding of the lens.

For more information please visit:   http://innovation.physiol.eu

Suggested injection system:

* From +10D to +24.5D with Medicel Accuject 2.0

* From +25D to +35D with Medicel Accuject 2.1 / 2.2


FineVision HP product brochure

FineVision HP Technology brochure